150 Club Global Membership

Why join 150 Club Global?

The “150” in the name stands for “Dunbar’s number”, which suggests that people can only maintain 150 meaningful relationships with around 150 individuals. By limiting it to 150 members, we create an exclusive partner & ecosystem community where members can form deeper connections and build stronger relationships. Being part of the “150 club” means being part of a select group of individuals who share common interests and values, and who are committed to supporting each other.

SHARE: The Community is continually developing a wealth of peer and industry insights such as annual trends research, peer thought leadership, how to video’s, papers on topics such as Partner marketing and the metaverse, marketplaces and ROI. Also includes a bank of best practice templates.

Benefit: Gain new knowledge and ideas to take back into your business to improve your partner marketing experience for both staff and partners, to improve ROI and innovate.

CONNECT: The only dedicated place where you can connect with your partner and ecosystem go to market peers. Through monthly virtual meet-ups you get to explore challenges and solutions. ​

Benefit: Accelerate your learning by sharing challenges with peers and growing your business network of likeminded people. ​

150 Club Global

Exclusive world wide virtual club for experienced partner and ecosystem marketers
  • Best practice & thought leadership
  • Digital community
  • 12 Virtual meet-ups​
  • Best Practice Templates

More detail of what is included...

First Friday Virtual Meetings

A monthly virtual best practice sharing session will include a member story share and lessons learned, followed by an informal group discussion. 

First Friday of the month. 

Members will get an email invite and a Teams placeholder.
  • Learn from your industry peers how to overcome challenges
  • Gain new insights and innovation
  • Continue the conversation after the call through the Communities dedicated Guild channel
150 Club Global Membership Benefits
The Community Services:Focused on learning and knowledge build

- Partner marketing focus
- All industries
12 virtual community meet-ups
Best practice & thought leadership
Access to best practice templates
Annual event

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