The Marketing Network – October meet-up

Making the Most…

Download the presentation file from the September 2023  virtual meet-up below

In our most recent Marketing Network meet-up in September, we delved into the theme of “Making the Most” across various aspects of our marketing endeavours. It was an insightful session that covered a spectrum of strategies and insights.
Making the Most of Your Network: The event kicked off with Hannah Jenney, who emphasized the vision for the Marketing Network. This vision revolves around creating a thriving ecosystem within Exclusive Networks Partners, where marketers benefit from the best practices traditionally observed in the technical sales domain. This approach aims to foster marketing excellence, elevate industry standards, and demonstrate the true value of marketing for our partners’ businesses. Hannah highlighted how members could:
  • leverage the online platform powered by Coterie Community
  • to benefit from certification and accreditation through online training modules and the video hub
  • to cultivate leadership within the community through virtual and in-person meet-ups.
She also underscored the invaluable support partner marketers receive from a robust ecosystem of vendors, including Fortinet, Mimecast, Palo Alto Networks, Tanium, and Thales.
Making the Most of Your Tech Vendors: Helen Curtis took the stage to shed light on the notion that partners and customers genuinely care about partner marketing efforts. She shared an example from Costa Coffee, illustrating how seeing a well-known brand like Marks & Spencer associated with their sandwiches instils confidence in consumers. 
This underscores the importance of incorporating vendor messaging and content into marketing efforts. Helen emphasized that these efforts have the most significant impact at the beginning of a customer’s buying journey. Furthermore, it was revealed that involving two or more partners can increase sales by a remarkable 113%. 
Making the Most of Your PR: Gina Hough guided us through the enigmatic world of Public Relations. She highlighted the crucial questions journalists ask: who, when, why, how, and in what context. Her advice was clear and concise – keep it simple. If you’re working with an agency, ensure they are aligned with your journey and objectives. Building PR relationships takes time, and the longer you work with a journalist, the better it gets. 
Gina also emphasized that journalists often work on short deadlines, so being responsive and proactive is essential. Getting to see copy before it goes live is rare, and editors love to hear about your wins. She encouraged us not to hesitate to reach out to the right people for effective communication.
Making Personal Commitments: The session concluded with a reflection on personal commitments. Hannah pledged to make more effort with LinkedIn, Gina aimed to evaluate her boundaries, and Helen resolved to cut out the noise. The key question was, “What’s the one thing that would make the biggest difference to you?”  
It’s an ongoing journey, and we’d love to hear how your commitments have fared since then.  
Let’s continue making the most of our marketing network together! 🚀 

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