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Throughout my career in the IT channel, I’ve seen the opportunity to unite marketing professionals to collectively advance in our careers, whether we’re newcomers or veterans. Our industry operates in a circular environment, with professionals transitioning between distributors, partners, and vendors. In this close-knit community, it’s crucial to support our fellow marketers.
While we, as marketers in distributors and vendors, excel at providing support for sales and technical aspects, we often overlook our own development. Over the years, some vendors have tried to address this gap, and at Exclusive Networks, we’ve always incorporated a marketing stream. However, I felt we could elevate our approach.
For my team, I believed we could offer a robust developmental structure and authentic marketing qualifications, such as CIM. Many of us have attained CIM qualifications, but where do we go to develop skills specific to partner marketing, which has grown increasingly complex? I’ve always aspired to contribute to both the channel and my team. 
This new initiative, “The Marketing Network” provides a professional network for Exclusive Networks partners’ marketers. It offers mentoring, peer-to-peer interaction, and qualifications in collaboration with the Coterie Community.
When I was introduced to the Coterie Community, the shared enthusiasm was unmistakable – our alignment of people and values was truly exceptional. Upon personally experiencing the Coterie Community and engaging with a diverse network of partner marketers, it became apparent that we had the potential to create something substantial. This collaboration offers Exclusive Networks access to their valuable resources, yet tailored to our partners’ specific needs – essentially, the best of both worlds.
The vision for The Marketing Network is for it to become a seamless part of your daily and weekly activities – a resource to leverage for your career growth. As you approach the planning season, the available resources and the network can make this typically intense time much smoother. This network can also be a lifeline when challenges arise, as the partner marketing world can be isolating.
Whether it’s the resources or the support of peers, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Even if your career in channel marketing hasn’t been long, your insights can contribute through upward mentoring. My goal is for you to shine before your boss – this network is your secret ingredient. It empowers you to be proactive and distinguishes you in your career.
I encourage you to treat this network as seriously as you would a customer meeting. Just as you allocate time and follow up with customers, do the same here to truly capitalize on its benefits. Allocate time for your personal growth and take up these tasks.
My three top recommendations for you, considering your time constraints:
  1. Join the launch call on September 15th.
  2. Complete the CPD training at your own pace and become skilled in joint value propositions and go-to-market strategies.
  3. Engage with the content, committing to reading one article each week.
For those keen on advancing their personal growth, be on the lookout for the quarterly challenge.
Hannah Jenney, Head of Marketing at Exclusive Network, UK & Ireland.

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