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In 2020, we conducted exploratory research in partnership with the University of Huddersfield to understand the success factors within the global field of partner/ecosystem marketing in the digital and IT industry.

We discovered that this type of marketing is underestimated, under-resourced and unsupported. So we felt it was time to take action.


Coterie Connect is a free-to-join community and is open to ecosystem professionals working at all levels.

Coterie Connect

Open to anyone operating in an ecosystem in a sales, marketing or product role
  • 12 virtual community meet-ups
  • Invitation to annual event
  • Access to community content
  • Best practice templates
  • Contribution-based benefits

Community spotlight

Rob Reynolds

Head of EMEA Field, Channel & Tech Partner Marketing, Verizon

“For me, the Coterie Connect addresses the need for partner marketing to become more of a science. Partner marketing is hugely valuable but misunderstood within many businesses. Together we can collectively set standards, define the science, and explore new ways of communicating our value. This is even more critical as customers look for suppliers with strong collaborative partner ecosystems and relationships to deliver the transformation they need.”

James Houselander

Senior Manager, EMEA Channel Marketing, Aruba - a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

“For me, the Community is a perfect opportunity for both connecting – networking, and getting to meet like-minded people but also about learning through knowledge transfer. Knowledge sharing then enables us, as partner and ecosystem marketers, to do our jobs better – which ultimately then also enhances our organisations and personal brands.”

Colleen Fogerty

Head of Ecosystem Partner Marketing, Atos Tech Foundations

“I’ve already found huge value in the Community through the pre-launch meetings and virtual chats on Guild. It isn’t easy to connect with peers in partner marketing, and the Community is creating a place where we can all come together to discuss our unique challenges and have fun!!”

Professor Shona Bettany

Professor of Marketing, LMHA Head of Department, Huddersfield Business School, University of Huddersfield.

“Partner and ecosystem marketing is a huge area of business and future development, but academic work and teaching tend to focus on B2C marketing. Through the Community, we are already learning so much that can be shared with academic peers to develop research and teaching toward giving this marketing area the kudos it deserves.”

Heather Meltvedt

Director, EMEA Partners and Ecosystems Marketing, Palo Alto Networks

“The Community is a unique place for partner and ecosystem marketers to come together. After leaving the first Community dinner, I made lots of new friends and connections, people who understood me, understood the struggles that I go through daily, people I can learn from, people I can provide some, “Here’s how I’ve done it.” There was no one in the room you had to tell what partner marketing or channel marketing was, and that’s lovely because we all spend a lot of time convincing people to understand what the channel does, who they are, what we do, and why we add value.”

Simon Stokes

Associate Director of ISP and Growth Marketing, CityFibre

“For a long time I have been looking for a professional community that can support and help me be successful. Like so many of my peers I woke up one day to the realisation that I was now in Partner Marketing, (this may only make sense to other partner marketers). Since then I have agonised about which professional community to join – from marketing associations to management forums. When Coterie approached me to become a founding member of the Partner community there was a light bulb moment. Since joining I have been immersed in relevant content and networking with a group of other lost souls looking to put Partner Marketing, that mix of commercial and marketing strategy and execution, on the map.”

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