Partner Marketing + Account Based Marketing = #onemarketingteam

Partner Marketing + Account Based Marketing = #Onemarketingteam

Interview with Pooja Golechha, EMEA Partner Marketing Lead and ABM, Pegasystems. Coterie Community members can watch the full video interview as part of our exclusive Partner Marketing Hub content. If you’re not yet a member, join our community today to gain access and connect with like-minded professionals. Check out our membership offers by clicking below.
Pooja is an economist by trade, but with experience in marketing agencies, insights, ABM, and partner marketing spanning 17+ years in the tech industry. She is currently leading Partner Marketing across EMEA for Pegasystems, with a focus on ABM. Pooja’s experience gives her unique insight and has led her to advocate for #onemarketing team. How you make the important link between partners and account-based marketing, and beyond?
As 76% of revenues go through some form of a partner in the IT industry and the increasing pressure for CMO’s to focus, to go deep into accounts, then this linking of marketing becomes non-negotiable.
There is another important consideration for Pooja, and that is the impact of the disparate marketing approach on clients today, being bombarded with many different messages.
We need to move from this model…
To this model…
The importance of #onemarketingteam?
There are several reasons that Pooja shares…
  • Consistency – Internal alignment between different marketing teams may seem like extra work at the start. However, when you put client experience at the heart of everything you do, this alignment to provide consistent messaging to the client comes naturally.
  • Maximum impact – Show the marketers that there is a greater impact working together. For example, product marketers understand the depth of the product and USPs but the ABMers really understand the client’s challenges. Together they bring a compelling and powerful way of connecting customer’s challenges to the right solutions.
  • Just the right amount – By working together they can also ensure that there is just the right amount of activity for the customer at any point in the buying journey. This is good for the overall marketing workload and for the client.
  • Maximise the reach – Targeting the right message to the persona over what is typically a long buying journey is a lot of work, so working together and bringing partners into to help the marketing team access different and more channels over time, has a big impact.
Where do you start?
Educate, educate, educate.
The key is to educate the marketing team, especially in partner marketing. Marketers might understand brand or digital from doing their marketing qualifications but not all marketers have a partner background. This is an area that is not typically covered in marketing training and not understanding the partner landscape can prevent marketers from leveraging the full opportunity partners provide.
What is the challenge I am solving V this is my role.
Make sure your colleagues understand the challenges you solve as a partner marketer versus what you do. E.g., as a partner marketer, I am trying to expand the reach of our organisation using my partners because they have greater reach and client understanding. Positioning your role in this way changes the conversations. This allows you to build one marketing plan focused on the client.
Start small.
It can be scary to understand all areas of marketing because, as Pooja points out, marketers already have a lot on their plate. Take the small steps to gain quick wins and importantly celebrate them!!

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