Coterie Connect: Making our community accessible to all ecosystem professionals 

Coterie Community becomes Coterie Connect

Since our launch in March 2022, the Coterie Community has exceeded all expectations. We set out to put partner marketing on the map and to create an influential community for partner marketeers. Thanks to our members, we have achieved this and more – welcoming 100+ industry professionals, hosting 24 virtual first Friday discussions, in-person meet ups and sharing industry insights and best practice from across the board. Together we’ve successfully elevated our profession. But what comes next?

We are incredibly excited to share that the Coterie Community is now part of our Coterie and will transition to a brand-new name; Coterie Connect. What’s more, the community is moving to a for free model, meaning that ecosystem professionals working at all levels can access our exclusive content and attended our virtual and in-person events, completely free of charge.

In addition to the transition to Coterie Connect, we’re launching Coterie Academy; a new home for our dedicated partner and ecosystem marketing courses. For just £85 you can access our three learn-on-demand courses, with the most advanced course recognised by CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and CIPD (Chartered Institute of Professional Development).


Picture the scene; our founders Helen and Jo are in the back of a cab in the United States singing ‘we’ve got to fight for the right for partner marketing’ at the top of their lungs. They’d not long digested and reflected on our Ecosystems 2.0 report, which identified partner marketing as the Cinderella of the marketing world. Driven to elevate partner and ecosystem marketing for all those who work within it, they took decisive action. Identifying and creating ways to enable their ecosystem peers.

A look back at the launch of the Coterie Community

Helen worked closely with Shona Bettany, The University of Huddersfield and Innovate UK to access funding to create a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP). It was initially launched in 2022 as a pay-to-access community and quickly attracted members from across the partner and ecosystem marketing discipline. Not only did you have access to templates and best practice resources, but you also had the opportunity to discuss the highs and lows of your roles with people working in similar roles for the very first time.

In February 2024 funding for the community came to an end. As part of the partnership, the community was assessed by Innovate UK and received a ‘very good’ grade. Committed to creating an accessible community for partner and ecosystem professionals working at all levels, Helen and Jo took the decision to make the community open to all – bringing the community into the Coterie brand and transitioning to a for free model – with membership based on contribution to the community.

Enabling ecosystem professionals through consultancy, community and courses

As part of Coterie, we are proud to be able to enable all ecosystem professionals, regardless of where you are at in your career. We do this by:

  • Working with you to bring your products and services to life to deliver return on investment
  • Connecting you with like-minded people, giving you free access to industry best practice and resources through Coterie Connect
  • Equipping you and your team through affordable industry recognised qualifications through Coterie Academy

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