Key Insights from “The Marketing Network” December 2023

The December 2023 virtual meet-up of “The Marketing Network,”  offered a wealth of insights into the world of marketing to the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). The event, provided invaluable information for marketers within Exclusive Network partners, keen to hone their strategies and deepen their understanding of their target audience.
1. Deciphering the CISO Buyer’s Journey:
Helen Curtis, a partner marketing specialist, explored the complexities of the B2B buyer’s journey, highlighting its multifaceted nature. The presentation emphasised that this journey involves multiple decision-makers and touchpoints, typically spanning over six months from problem identification to the purchase decision. This section is an essential download for marketers looking to align their strategies with the intricate steps of the CISO buying process.
2. Delving into CISO Behaviours:
Digital marketing expert Tom Wycks presented an in-depth analysis of the behaviours, preferences, and demographics of the CISO audience. This part of the presentation is particularly beneficial for understanding which content CISOs engage with, including their media consumption habits. Accessing these insights can significantly boost targeted marketing efforts.
3. Applying Insights to Campaigns:
Phoebe Harper from Exclusive Networks shared how these insights can be translated into effective marketing campaigns. This segment provided practical strategies for utilising buyer journey insights for round tables with ready made material, making it an invaluable resource for marketers seeking to apply theoretical knowledge practically.
The meet up was full of actionable insights and strategies for marketers targeting CISOs. For a comprehensive understanding, download the slide pack today. 

Download the slides from the session

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