To Event or Not to Event? The Great Partner Marketing Debate

To Event or Not to Event? The Great Partner Marketing Debate of 2023

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In the age of digital transformation, tech events have taken on a new significance. And with 2023 throwing in its share of curveballs, the Coterie Community embarked on a mission to understand the evolving landscape during our recent “Virtual First Friday” meetup.

1. The Glitz and Gloom of Major Tech Events

With major players like AWS Re:Invent and Microsoft Ignite taking the center stage, the general sentiment is divided. Such large-scale events undeniably ramp up brand visibility but fall short on the lead generation front. So, for vendors and partners wondering about booking stand space, it’s not about ‘where’ but ‘why.’

2. Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

Involving multiple partners on stands can backfire. Strategic partner inclusion, or even sidestepping the problem by hopping onto a distributor’s stand, can be the smart way forward.

3. Going Beyond Booths

While 2023 saw a surge in B2B events, it’s not just about showing up. Deep conversations at roundtables, insightful breakout sessions, and pre-scheduled meetings offer genuine value. Collaboration is the name of the game here.

4. Event Enthusiasm or Exhaustion?

In-person networking battles with event fatigue. Regional preferences play a crucial role, with the Middle East and parts of Asia championing face-to-face meetings, while North America, Australia, and Europe showcase a tepid response.

5. Budget vs. Benefits

Some are retreating from physical events, focusing their energies on a robust digital marketing strategy. The trade-off between brand visibility and tangible ROI is a debate that rages on.

6. The Allure of Tailored Events

There’s a palpable shift towards smaller, more focused events. But instead of an either-or approach, adopting a multi-event strategy seems to be the consensus.

7. A Concerted Focus

Harnessing the power of events requires an account-based marketing strategy. While corporate handles the branding, account-based teams should be at the helm of specific account goals.

8. Synergy Between Sales and Partners

Sales teams play a pivotal role in maximizing event outcomes. Bolstered by digital account-based advertising, this collaboration can elevate event success rates.
Drawing the Blueprint for 2023 Partner Marketing Strategy
  • Decoding the Types of Events: Understand the core purpose of each event. Trade shows are great for brand awareness, while tailored events can drive precise business objectives.
  • Recognizing the Power of Virtual: Despite a weariness around virtual interactions, they remain potent avenues for lead generation.
  • Prioritizing Value: It’s quality over quantity. Aim for meaningful interactions, not just brand visibility.
  • Holistic Strategy: A combination of in-person and virtual events, supported by robust digital strategies, is the way forward.
Events in 2023 demand a mix of judicious choice, active collaboration, and a perfect blend of the virtual and the real. Tailoring these experiences to match specific business objectives will be key.
To our partner marketers, we’ve distilled this wisdom into a checklist, aimed to guide your event strategies for 2023. Use it, tweak it, and make it your own. Here’s to making the most of every event opportunity that comes your way! Link to member post 

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